2017-2018 Season Tryouts Q&A

Questions about TeamSnap tryout signups
How do I sign my kid(s) up for tryouts?
We are asking all parents to sign up for tryouts in advance via TeamSnap: https://go.teamsnap.com/forms/81064. This is so we have time to cross check medical forms with the school. Please help us by signing up now!
Is there a cost for tryouts?

Do I have to have a TeamSnap account to sign up my player for tryouts?
When you go to the tryout sign up page you’ll have the following choices:

  1. Sign in with an existing TeamSnap account

  2. Sign in with your Facebook account

  3. Create a new TeamSnap account

TeamSnap accounts are free and will ensure that your data and your player’s data will persist from tryouts to season registration and from season to season – saving you time. Having a TeamSnap account also means that you’ll get notifications from the teams such as schedule changes, directions, coaches’ messages.
If I’m signing up two of my kids do I have to visit the TeamSnap link twice?
No. After you’ve entered your first players in the “Participant Info” section you’ll see a big button below labeled “Add Participant”. Just click on that and you’ll be able to enter another player. That way the parent information you enter later will only have to be input once.
Questions about the day of tryouts
When and where are tryouts?

  • Boys tryouts are Saturday, October 14th from 2:00pm to 5:00pm

  • Girls tryouts are Saturday, October 21st from 2:00pm to 5:00pm

  • All players should arrive early and be fully geared up at 2:00pm SHARP!

  • Both tryouts take place on the turf field (i.e. the main playing field) at West Ranch High School

What paperwork do I need to bring to tryouts?
You’ll need to bring a copy of your player’s West Ranch High School medical forms signed by a doctor. One of the four forms required is a physical exam signed by a physician no less recently then 12 months prior to your player’s tryout date.

You can download the four forms in one convenient PDF here: West Ranch High School medical forms. You can also download the PDF from the TeamSnap tryout signup form. The four forms included are an emergency card, a medical exam signed by a physician, a medical history form and a consent to treat form.
If you provided updated medical forms for West Ranch Summer Camp you do not have to turn them at tryouts. For players who did not attend summer camp we will endeavor to find out if current forms are on file with the school. If so we will let each of you know. Otherwise please bring copies of your signed forms.
What equipment does my player need to bring to tryouts?

  • For girls: stick, protective goggles, mouthguard

  • For boys: stick, helmet, mouthguard, shoulder pads, arm/elbow guards, gloves, protective cup

  • For goalies (girls): stick, helmet, mouthguard, neck protector, chest protector, padded shorts, gloves, shin guards

  • For goalies (boys): stick, helmet, mouthguard, neck protector, chest protector, gloves, protective cup

  • For all: cleats and plenty of water are recommended

 What kind of boy’s stick would you recommend for a beginner?
Start with a standard boy’s short stick (versus a longer defenseman’s stick). Locally Dick’s Sporting Goods carries a wide range of lacrosse equipment for boys and girls including fully strung sticks. There are also many online retailers you can check. E.g. www.lacrossemonkey.com, www.lax.com, www.lacrosse.com, etc.
When and where will the results of the tryouts be posted?
The final teams will be posted on campus outside of Ms. Perez’s office at West Ranch High School on the Monday afternoon following each tryout.
What teams will be fielded this year?
We are planning to have Boys Varsity, Girls Varsity, Boys JV and Girls JV teams.
What if I have more questions about tryouts?
You can email the coaches at the following addresses:


You can also send general questions to  the WRLF board at info@westranchlacrosse.com

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